About Stanley

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Rev. Stanley F. Jackowski  is an evangelist, marketer, and graphic designer. Stanley coaches people how to evangelize through the internet and is known for his creative style of team building. For the last 8 years, Stanley’s  been involved in consulting and pioneering online learning environments. In 2016  the team launched Host A Vision Consulting. Along with Stanley’s traveling schedule, he has written several manuals, books, and has developed a community for maximizing modern day marketing techniques.


Host A Vision is a community of marketers, graphic designers, and media developers. Host A Vision Systems provides a flexible platform for all your hosting and designing needs. Stan will install your web page and give your creativity to work within a drag and drop editor. Stan will demonstrate to you in training sessions online, how to set up your website correctly using our framework. You will have full control of your content, which means you can work freely within your project. Host A Vision Training System has been developed to think smarter and not harder. Stan also handles entire projects for his clients from start to finish.  These details will be discussed during the 1-Hour FREE consultation session.